100 Employee Licenses

100 Employee Licenses

Employee Certifications Must Be Renewed Every 2 Years

Buy $1,000.00

 Large Business Bundle includes 100 Employee Course Licenses. That's a $2,000 value!

Once purchased, you will automatically have access to the curriculum. 

You will receive an email with the link your employees will use to take the course- for your 100 licenses, within the next business day of purchase.

  1. Simply give your employees the link.
  2. They create a log-in username and password, each.
  3. They take the course.
  4. They get their certificate upon completion, which can be downloaded and printed.

* Remember the link is only good for 100 course uses.

* If you need to purchase more licenses, simply call us to continue with the same link- 800.300.5764. You may also decide to purchase a larger bundle to get a deeper discount. The choice is yours!

100 Employee Licenses includes this course

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