Mission Statement:

If Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security Training helps bring awareness to the dangerous conditions plaguing some of Americas’ restaurants, and this new-found awareness helps one customer, employee, or vendor avoid being injured, harmed, sickened, maimed, or killed in one restaurant, it was well worth the countless hours of writing and research that it took for us to complete our OSHA training curriculum and the extreme effort that it took for us to get this information to you.


We are focused on writing, filming, publishing, producing, training, and testing restaurant industry safety, health, and security. In fact, we wrote Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security, The Book of Restaurant Industry Standards & Best Practices ©2016 

Our central focus is to do what we can to make restaurant industry safety, health, and security standards, policies, procedures, and training – and even OSHA – more palatable, more interesting, easier to understand, train and implement and more affordable and accessible for all.  This is all part of our all-out effort to make restaurant safety more top-of-mind.


We help:

  • Every restaurant industry establishment in every state and territory of America be as safe, healthy, and secure as reasonably possible
  • Every restaurant industry establishment comply with OSHA
  • Explain in simple terms for every restaurant industry owner, manager, executive, employer, and trainer so that they can understand and comply with OSHA, and understand what needs to be done to make their restaurant(s) safe, health, and secure for everyone who enters them
  • Enable every restaurant industry employer and employee to understand more fully what OSHA is, what OSHA does and what Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security is and how to implement it
  • Provide the information for every industry employee to understand what restaurant industry safety, health, and security policies, procedures, and systems are and why they are required by restaurant employers, restaurant establishments, and the restaurant industry
  • Every restaurant industry employee achieve the highest level of awareness possible to detect, prevent, and resolve dangerous conditions and become more efficient and effective at resolving hazards when they first present themselves or as soon as they may reasonable be foreseen 

We love safe restaurants!